Research Products & Services

Products & Design Services

Wavetech offers comprehensive laboratory design services and products. Customers with existing labs may also utilize Wavetech's consulting services for laboratory upgrades. Wavetech provides custom optical and optoelectronic assemblies and fabrication.

  • Optical system layout and design
  • Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy system design
  • Terahertz transmitter and receiver module design and fabrication
  • Silicon lenses
  • Photolithography mask designs
  • Ultrafast oscillator and amplifier setup and tuning
  • Dispersion compensators
  • Fiber-coupled terahertz systems
  • Ultrahigh vacuum and cryogenic integration
  • Laboratory planning (startup costs, utility requirements, purchase lists)
  • Multi-axis motion control and data collection software
  • Hardware/software interfacing

Terahertz Research

Wavetech is an active member of the terahertz research community. We regularly partner with universities, national laboratories, and other companies to maintain relevance in this and other areas. We can provide terahertz samples, measurements, data analysis, and active collaboration in exciting new research areas.

  • Terahertz ranging and imaging
  • Terahertz materials and propagation studies
  • Optical pump / terahertz probe
  • Terahertz metamaterials
  • Terahertz surface waves/plasmons

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