Engineering & Consulting Services

Modeling & Simulation

Modern simulation software has become so powerful that it is almost making the engineer obsolete. However, many small businesses simply cannot afford the extreme cost of entry into these products. In addition, simulation results are only as trustworthy as the operator; bad input means worthless output. Very often, Wavetech can simplify a complex system or process, derive an analytic model, and implement a simulation, all with far less cost than a single simulation suite. This service is available for many disciplines.

  • Electromagnetic modeling and lumped circuit approximations
  • Wave propagation, absorption, and scattering
  • Transmission lines
  • Antenna behavior and performance
  • Time and frequency domain analysis and simulation
  • Thermodynamic modeling and simulation (entropy, enthalpy, multi-phase)
  • Liquid/gas flow, pressure, and heat exchange calculations
  • Static and dynamic loads, structures

Process Engineering

Wavetech offers numerous process engineering and consulting services. Small business customers appreciate the intellectual resources offered by Wavetech, without the massive overhead.

  • Process piping sizing
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Process material limitations
  • Pump sizing, head calculations
  • Electrical load estimation
  • Steam and chilled water estimation
  • Control valve specifications
  • Cost/benefit analyses
  • Process safety strategies
  • Education and training

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